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Boiler fault diagnostic

Thanks to our comprehensive training and expertise we are proud to offer a boiler fault diagnostic service. This is a fixed fee appointment designed to determine the source of any existing issues with your central heating system. Upon completion, we provide customer a report of the fault identified and no-obligation quote to rectify it.


Free Quotes

Our customers are encouraged to obtain a free quotation from us prior to starting any work, and there will be no hidden charges or unexpected fees added to that quotation unless we expressly agree extra work with you.


Smart heating control

With the energy prices on the constant rise it is essential to monitor the usage of energy in our homes. Installing smart thermostat for the boiler gives full control of heating and hot water even from remote location. Forgot to turn the heating off? Don’t want to come back to cold house in the evening? Sorted at the click of a button. It’s that easy!

Peace of mind

For projects that carry substantial cost, we prepare written agreement with detailed description of the work to be conveyed and the deposit clause to secure the job. This gives our customers peace of mind and confirmation of the scope of agreed work should any problems arise during or after the project’s completion.

New Boiler Installation

As well as regular gas service work, we undertake boiler installation jobs both to replace older boilers and to extend your heating system. We can help you to upgrade to a modern, condensing boiler, helping you save big on your energy bills and do your bit for the environment too.

Boiler service

Regular servicing helps to keep your appliance working safely, efficiently and effectively prolong its life. In addition, if appliance carries a manufacturer’s warranty, an annual service carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer is required to validate each year of the guarantee.

We offer boiler service on all natural gas boilers, whether it is a combi, conventional or back boiler. When we complete the service; we give customers opportunity to opt in for the free annual reminder, so they don’t have to worry when your next check is due.

Landlord certificate and gas safety home certificate

We specialise in providing gas certificate inspections of rented properties for landlords, and carrying out boiler service schedules to keep your central heating running perfectly.

Gas certificate surveys are mandatory for any rented property, and simply involve a qualified engineer checking all gas appliances in the house and ensuring everything is working safely and reliably. The landlord, or managing agent, will receive a gas certificate which allows them to rent out the property safely and legally.

Home buyer report

The power of knowledge in your hands when buying a house. Our home buyer report will provide you the information about condition of the central heating system and plumbing of the property which can give you leverage when negotiating with the seller any necessary repairs that needs to be done prior to exchange the contracts.

Power flush specialist

Power flushing is the fastest way to remove sludge and cure the circulation problems in the heating system. This process helps to increase the lifespan of the boiler and at same time improve its efficiency by 15%. We are fully trained by leading power flush manufacturer Kamco to provide the service to our customers. Prior to the job carried out we draw a written agreement to explain the scope of work and outcome of the process.

General plumbing

We have years of plumbing experience and are proud to offer solution for wide range of problems. We can help to maintain plumbing systems, so they continue to work efficiently and install new ones to improve the day-to-day routines. Whether it’s a planned, remedial or emergency work, we can assist with anything from small leaks to blockages or burst pipes.